Consumer Products Design and Development

Millar Industries is ideally suited to assist you in complete design, production and assembly of your consumer products. We manufacture numerous individual components, as well as product assemblies, for applications in electronics, communications, home and garden, and retail products markets.

Case study — Dry & Store Hearing Aid Conditioning System

Dry and Store Hearing Aid Conditioning System by A&M Tool and MoldingMillar Industries Corporation in conjunction with Ear Technology Corporation combined the latest technology in injection molding with revolutionary technology in health care to produce The Dry & Store Hearing Aid Conditioning System.

Product details:


Dry & Store® is a "conditioning system" for all types of hearing instruments - traditional hearing aids as well as cochlear implant equipment, noise maskers, ear monitors, and more. While you sleep, it removes moisture, dries earwax, kills germs, and deodorizes.

Dry & Store is a registered trademark of Ear Technology Corporation.

Case study — ElectroLux Vacuum Crevice Tool

Crevice Tool for Electrolux Vacuum System by A&M Tool and MoldingProduct details:


The Crevice Tool is a component of the ElectroLux Vacuum system.

Case study — Home and Garden Hose Coupling

Hose Coupling injection molding by A&M ToolProduct details:


The Hose Coupling is a component of an assembled Home and Garden product.

How to have a prototype model of your Consumer Product designed by Millar Industries

Working with Millar Industries is easy and convenient! If you are ready to create a design and distribution plan for your Consumer Product follow these easy steps to work with Millar Industries:

We look forward to helping you achieve your product development goals!