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Quality Assurance

A&M Quality Control DepartmentWhatever your product or subcomponent, it is imperative you know that your production partner will manufacture this item to the highest standards.

This knowledge drives our business at Millar Industries. Our employees work with consistent intention to create the benchmark for repetitive, high quality products.

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Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Coordindate Measuring Machine - CMMIndustrial Metrology is the science of precise measurement. It is crucial to the product manufacturing process. Millar Industries uses the latest generation CMM or (Coordinate Measuring Machines) to deliver superior quality in the products or subcomponents we manufacture or assemble.

The CMM Machine utilizes sensing technology coupled with the CAB-based measuring and evaluation software. This scanning technology allows Millar Industries to audit extremely precise tolerances throughout the manufacturing process. Your product or subcomponent will be manufactured to your exact specifications consistently whether short run or in large quantities. A Keyence IM-7001 Image Dimension Measuring System is also used to insure accurate product dimensions. This Quality control will allow your firm to confidently predict product life and performance metrics. Millar Industries has a history of providing Quality Assurance to market sectors such as Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing and the Defense Industry.

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