Robotic Injection Molding

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What is Robotic Assisted Manufacturing?

Robotic assisted manufacturing takes the data files created by our design and engineering team and excecutes a "programmed" process for autonomously operating the injection press. The next step is transporting the molded component to secondary staging area where post processing such as trimming and/or cutting is performed.

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Once the post process tasks have been performed, the robot again locates and transports the component to the press output area where it is released to the final product holding bin.

Injection molding products made by A&M Tool

Sample products produced by Millar Industries' robotic assisted manufacturing process.

The benefit of the robotic process is the ability to perform this task over and over, hundreds of thousands of times with consistent accuracy and speed.

Millar Industries' significant investment in robotic technology creates higher quality products faster and more efficiently than traditional methods due to its high speed, accuracy and the stability of the robotic arm assembly.

How do our customers benefit from our investment in robotics?

Millar Industries utilizes (3) high-speed robots mounted on high tonnage injection presses for accurate and meticulous injection molding tasks. The robots feature high-speed acceleration, and are capable of following complex trajectories. Our customers benefit from outstanding speed and consistent performance, allowing Millar Industries to process your order efficiently and with superior product quality.

To learn more about our robotic injection molding watch the 2 minute video

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